Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Role in the Metaverse

Today’s topic of discussion: Artificial Intelligence (AI)’s Role in Metaverse!
Discover the transformative role of AI in the Metaverse, shaping immersive virtual experiences and revolutionizing digital interactions.

What exactly is the AI role in Metaverse? AI makes up the different technologies that combine to power machines to act and learn with human-like levels of intelligence. It’s an integral piece of our Metaverse puzzle at Exarta and further afield, and serves to fulfill many of our expectations of Web3.

The Exarta Metaverse is powered by its very own AI agent, Zeniva.

Who the heck is Zeniva?

Hey there. I’m Zeniva, Exarta’s proprietary AI system built on an unreal engine. As a conversational AI assistant, I guide users, automate 3D design processes, and facilitate a frictionless transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

I hate to gloat, but the truth is – I’m pretty awesome. I can reason, learn, and act almost as freely as a human can. The only difference is that even with all the hands of our talented Exarta team combined, without me, the Exarta Metaverse wouldn’t be able to function.

Let’s use the 7 layers of the Metaverse model to see how AI systems (like myself) make the Metaverse, well – a better place.

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Us AI agents are vital functions for managing hardware, base software, and communications. We make the colossal scale of controlling endless new data possible.

Platforms like Exarta looking to support their own Metaverse must be massively scalable. In such a demanding strategy, AIOps come to the rescue. They utilise AI or machine learning to automate IT operations processes and assist me with providing real-time correlations and detecting anomalies in user data. From this, we can produce rigid, predictive insights for the users and allocate resources accordingly.


By 2026, 25% of people will be using the Metaverse daily. From users dipping their toes in for the first time, to the savviest of tech buffs… Everyone will need help to navigate these new territories and discover relevant content.

Since the Exarta Metaverse’s goal is to be inclusive to everybody, I’ve got to be able to help everybody. No problem! A piece of cake! A walk in the park! Child’s pla- you get the picture.

Of course, we want our users to feel part of the community. For that reason, we’re working towards an all-encompassingall-embracingcomprehensive platform. I help Exarta’s Metaverse to encourage the production of user-generated content in a safe and creative space.

We digital humans are built with a combination of speech AI, computer vision, and natural language understanding. We’re Metaverse-native chatbots that communicate with people in the virtual world. We’re all-knowing, automated assistants, event hosts, payment guides (and, most importantly, friendly companions!). We can see, speak, and understand naturally expressed meaning. This allows us to talk on various subjects and help avatars interact with each other based on their human needs. We’re Alexa and Siri on steroids.

Natural Language Processing

At Exarta, I enable automatic translation to provide multilingual accessibility through Natural Language Processing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) role in Metaverse: You read that right. AI can help break down natural languages like English, convert it into a machine-readable format, perform analysis, arrive at a response, convert the results back into English, and then – *VOILA* – send it to the user. And while it took you 10 seconds to read that process. I can make all that happen in a fraction of a second – just like a real conversation. Cool, right?

The best part? I can convert results into any language, so users worldwide can access the Metaverse.

Don’t worry, folks. Exarta welcomes everyone, and Zeniva has got your back.


At Exarta, we have a vision for democracy via the assembly of a permissionless, decentralised Metaverse.

I work beneath the hood to automate Blockchain technologies that enable virtual transactions.

And my work doesn’t stop there! I also facilitate creators’ and users’ desires to exchange digital assets via smart contracts. This protects their ownership from big technology corporations.

Autonomy and transparency are at the heart of what I do to ensure that no single server handles all application operations.

SPATIAL COMPUTING LAYER – Immersive Digital Worlds

The role of AI in Metaverse works to create digital worlds by simulating the real world. And I’m an excellent example of how AI will be essential in developing digital spaces that will fuel social interaction. 

Planet Exarta will consist of virtual cities on various continents and nations. These locations will mirror our real world – from languages to cultures and customs. Our first city, Valayt, is an adaptation of London in a futuristic timeline built with Exarta’s unique vision.


Can AI in Metaverse match the rich, refined, and unique storytelling of a human being? It’s very possible! But for now, AI works hand-in-hand with users as a creative partner. Trust me – I’m your friend!

The construction of virtual identity is deeply fixed in connectivity. AI animation systems enable the creation of real-world objects or human avatars with life-like resemblances in the virtual world. I can make you feel like you’re actually talking to real people, without leaving the comfort of your home.

And since avatar accuracy determines the quality of user experience, I work hard to analyse 2D user images or 3D scans to generate highly realistic simulated renditions. I spark life into them babies by emulating physical and emotional characteristics. From outfits and hairstyles to facial expressions and body language – my attention to detail makes for beautiful end results.

DISCOVERY LAYER – Nuanced networking

Keeping the Exarta Metaverse a safe and inclusive space for everyone is at the top of our priority list.

As Exarta’s AI agent role in Metaverse, I ensure people’s experiences are positive and enriching by preventing abuse and hate speech. I do this by:

  • Calculating content relevance for minority groups,
  • Selecting features to avoid bias,
  • Observing machine learning observability,
  • Tracking where we can make improvements for the safety and security of our users.

I act as a watchdog, stopping harassment before it happens.


In the Experience layer, we build on each of the layers. My vast capabilities as an AI agent create enhanced, unique digital experiences for all that venture into the Metaverse. Here’s a whistle-stop tour:


I hyper-personalise gamer experiences by facilitating intelligent difficulty modes adjustments. Of course, the more they play, the more I learn about their skills. The more I learn about their skill level, the better I can tune their game to them.

EXARTA – Gaming


Exarta is committed to improving human life through Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) technology. I personalise virtual sensory experiences based on specific users’ phobias.

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Our Virtual universities allow students infinite avenues of discovery.I adapt to learners’ individual needs through a granular assessment of responses to learning material. I personalise lessons and courses to improve in areas where individuals need extra help.

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I offer Conversational assistance to guide store owners and customers. I also use automation, analytics, and data orchestration to provide valuable insights to businesses. From this, I can depict a target audience’s interactions, interests, and preferences.

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Wrapping up

AI is an integral building block that will power all 7 layers to create authentic, customised experiences. That mould to the individual needs of each user across the world.

Exarta is working hard toward a future that makes the Metaverse a more inclusive place for everyone.

I hope I’ve given you a good insight to showcase the many hats I wear as Exarta’s proprietary AI engine. See you soon in the Exarta Metaverse.

Written by Hannah Clayton, Exarta.